Outer thread 100% cotton Basic tabi sneaker socks [White]

Outer thread 100% cotton Basic tabi sneaker socks [White]

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For those who love cotton after all! These tabi sneaker socks in white have a 100% cotton outer thread!

Reasons for recommending it include:

1. White is a great accent color for dark color outfits

2. Perfect for those who can only wear white shoes for work

3. It is also recommended to coordinate with sneakers to show off a little.

4. The outer thread is 100% cotton, so it feels soft and comfortable against your skin.

5. These socks are made from luxurious fabric, so they are stretchy and comfortable to wear.

Product Features

Reduces foot sweat and odor

● Tabi style soles wrap around the big toe to reduce stuffiness

● Antibacterial and deodorant treated yarn is used to protect against odors

Approximately 800,000 pairs of shoes manufactured annually. Made in Nara with proven technology and reliability.

Tabi-zô's tabi socks are made in Nara, the number one sock production factory in Japan, which was founded 35 years ago.

- Moderately wrapped feet and big toes

- Traditional tabi style socks made with authentic stitching

・Simple yet subtle elegance

・As a reliable consumable item

To achieve this, we outsource the manufacturing to craftsmen in Nara who have a long history of manufacturing experience and are proud of their traditional footwear skills.

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All seasons




Thin ▢ ▢ ■ ▢ ▢ Thick


Low ▢ ▢ ▢ ■ ▢ High


Made in Japan (Nara Prefecture)


80% cotton, 18% polyester, 2% polyurethane

Part number

S579- D001