Shiny! Silket Tabi Long Hose [Salvia Red]
Shiny! Silket Tabi Long Hose [Salvia Red]
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Shiny! Silket Tabi Long Hose [Salvia Red]

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For when you want to look a little more formal, try the Silket Tabi Long Hose in Salvia Red!

The point is,

1. The accent color of salvia red can be easily applied to your feet to increase your style.

2. The accent color of salvia red can be changed to casual or elegant depending on the combination of clothes.

3. Tabi-style long hose are rare and popular in red

4. Solutions to the common problem of socks slipping and holes

5. The slightly thin fabric has a sophisticated sheen that goes well with formal styles.

6. Carefully selected mercerized cotton material for a soft feel

Product Features

Reduces sweaty feet

● Tabi style soles wrap around the big toe to reduce stuffiness

Reinforcement measures for areas that are subject to stress

● Measures are taken by reinforcing the toe and heel areas, which are subject to high stress.

Reduces uncomfortable tightness around the opening (rubber)

It is hard to wear the rubber mouthpiece for a long time.  Should I loosen it up? ⇔ Slip-up ⇔ A comfortable fit achieved by craftsmen

Prevents bare feet from slipping off socks and shoes from slipping off socks, reducing fatigue

●A special thread with high friction resistance is used on part of the outer surface of the socks (the surface that comes into contact with the shoes) to prevent the socks from slipping off the shoes.

●Special thread processing with high friction resistance in the arch area prevents bare feet from slipping off socks

Approximately 800,000 pairs of shoes manufactured annually. Made in Nara with proven technology and reliability.

Tabi-zô's tabi socks are made in Nara, the number one sock production factory in Japan, which was founded 35 years ago.

- Moderately wrapped feet and big toes

- Traditional tabi style socks made with authentic stitching

・Simple yet subtle elegance

・As a reliable consumable item

To achieve this, we outsource the manufacturing to craftsmen in Nara who have a long history of manufacturing experience and are proud of their traditional footwear skills.

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All seasons


Business, formal, casual, holiday


Thin ▢ ■ ▢ ▢ ▢ Thick


Low ▢ ▢ ▢ ■ ▢ High


Made in Japan (Nara Prefecture)


60% cotton, 20% nylon, 18% polyester, 2% polyurethane

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