Four thoughts on tabi socks

Tabi style long hose

Long hose that wrap around the calves, which are said to be the second heart.

The wrapping effect also helps reduce coldness and tired feet.

And it looks great with a suit.

We will be delivering a wide range of tabi long hose that can be combined with tabi socks to create even better socks.

Cool and stylish

Tabi socks often come in Japanese or Nordic patterns, but there are few simple designs.

In addition, the tabi style has a cool design that is also used by famous brands.

We offer cool and simple tabi socks that combine the coolness of the tabi style with the mature design of socks .

As a reliable consumable

Your foot's companion for your hard work every day

It has a function to care for your feet. The solid color (one example) is also suitable for leather shoes.

・Tightening of the opening

・Socks slipping off when walking

・Prevent slipping of shoes and socks

・Measures to prevent slipping when wearing socks or bare feet

・SEK certified antibacterial and deodorizing measures

・Reinforcement measures for long life

We offer valuable socks that combine the health benefits of tabi socks with the functionality of socks to help reduce fatigue even a little .

Annual production record of approximately 800,000 pairs

Made in Nara with reliable technology and trust

Tabi-zô's tabi socks are made in Nara, the number one sock production factory in Japan, which was founded 35 years ago.

・Moderately envelops the feet and big toe ・Traditional tabi style made with authentic stitching ・Simple yet subtly elegant ・A sure consumable item

To achieve this, we outsource the manufacturing to craftsmen in Nara who have a long history of manufacturing experience and are proud of their traditional footwear skills.