New product "Refreshing! Rayon Silk Tabi Long Hose" now on sale

We have released some products that are perfect for the hot weather!

A classic that can be worn for both business and casual occasions.

Solid color (plain) with a high-quality luster of rayon silk material

It creates an elegant style.

Available in three colors : black, navy, and ivy green.

The color change at the opening of the shoe is a playful and hidden stylish feature.

The thickness is a little thin and the material is refreshing, making it perfect for the hot seasons of spring, summer and fall.

I recommend wearing them .

- Highly absorbent and cool to the touch, making it ideal for hot weather

・A smooth, viscous feel and gentle fit

- "Longfresh®" processing that suppresses the growth of bacteria that cause body odor

・An elegant sheen that brings out a premium look

This material has the following characteristics and is suitable for long hose even in hot weather.

Please take a look ➡Refreshing ! Rayon Silk Tabi Long Hose (Click here)