New and stylish tabi socks for men!

New and stylish tabi socks for men!

   I love tabi socks! I've been looking for different kinds, but I haven't found many new products.

Have you ever thought that?

We are selling tabi socks, which are hard to find in our shop!

This time we will introduce dress tabi socks, which are recommended for men's formal style!

It may be a new discovery unlike anything you've ever made before!

What kind of tabi socks for men go well with formal style?

Once you experience the benefits of tabi socks, you'll want to wear them every day!

If possible, I would like to wear them when I'm wearing formal attire, such as at work or to a party.

However, in that case, I think most people would go out wearing regular dress socks.

This is because while there are a lot of dress socks on the market, there aren't many dress tabi socks.

Additionally, most tabi socks come in Japanese or pop patterns, and there are very few designs ranging from formal to adult casual.

Tabi-zo offers a selection of simple yet stylish designs that can be worn for formal occasions.

We also offer tabi-style long hose, a classic accessory for gentlemen's grooming.

"Tabi Long Hose" is recommended for formal occasions such as business and parties.

Tabi long hose are recommended for men's formal attire.

For example, a man dressed in a cool suit and wearing shiny leather shoes with his legs crossed is a gentleman!

But, what? Something's not right? "Full leg hair" is disappointing to a gentleman.

Also, since it is in a place that is difficult for the person to see, it is embarrassing not to notice.

A gentleman takes care of even the parts that are not so visible!

Our recommendation here is tabi long hose. They reach down to the knees and won't show your leg hair.

Additionally, due to its length and stretchy construction, there's no need to worry about it slipping down, so you can stay comfortable all day without a worry.

The designs include safe solid colors (plain colors) and diamond patterns, as well as more bold dot and argyle patterns.

However, I feel a little reluctant to wear long socks. Is it weird?

At first, I felt a little uncomfortable about men wearing long socks that reached down to their knees, and thought it was weird.

However, when I looked in a slightly different spot, it was the exact opposite.

In the UK and other Western countries where the suit originated, long hose are common and are considered to be good manners for a gentleman.

Also, shorts and knee-high socks are common on the golf course, and everyone has no qualms about wearing long socks and enjoying the fashion.

So, the "weird" feeling is just a preconceived notion that people who wear long hose are "stylish" !

Long hose have other great benefits besides being stylish.

  • Stays in place
  • Comfortable pressure
  • warm

And so on.

This is just my personal opinion, but it feels good to wear.

I think what feels good varies from person to person,
It wraps around my calves and fits just right, and it's the first time I've ever worn one, and it's so comfortable I can't describe it!

Since discovering how good they are, I've been wearing them every day.

Enjoy a comfortable sock life while maintaining your gentlemanly grooming.

Please take a look at our tabi long hose (here).